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Multiplayers Parts & Supplies | Services and products for the gaming industry MULTIPLAYERS PARTS AND SUPPLIES is a representative of the gaming instrument brand Alfastreet. Our main activity is the sale and distribution of all Alfastreet’s products for the gaming markets in South, Central and North America
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Special offers in Gambling equipment. Check our New and Used Parts Catalogs including items for slot machines, bingo halls and gambling equipment in general. We offer regular promotions on products with high stock, a long list of parts and after sales service of the highest quality.

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We are pleased to announce that we are distributors of the worldwide brand Transcend products for the United States and Latin America.

Transcend was founded in 1988, in Taipei, Taiwan and it has become a global leader in memory and consumer electronics with 13 offices and over 2000 employees worldwide. We have an extensive product portfolio which includes over 2000 memory modules, flash memory cards, USB flash drives, digital music players, digital photo frames, portable hard drives, multimedia products, industrial-grade products and accessories.

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For further inquiries you can click on our online catalog or you can contact us at: sales@multiplayersparts.com