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Multiplayers Parts & Supplies | Company QUALITY IS EVERYTHING.
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About us

Multiplayers Parts and Supplies is a company specialized in services and products for the gaming industry in the markets of South, Central and North America. Multiplayers Parts and Supplies offers a wide variety of products and brands including complete gaming equipment, parts, supplies and related services. Our main clients are casinos, bingo halls and independent operators.

All products and services are accessible through our website.


Multiplayers Parts and Supplies was established in order to efficiently sell and distribute through highly trained personnel, equipment, supplies and spare parts of quality brands to different markets in the gaming industry for U.S. and Latin America. Our management has over 10 years experience in sales and services in the gaming industry, which qualifies us to serve you with the highest quality in the industry.


Multiplayers Parts and Supplies is committed to provide fast and effective solutions through services and sales of high quality products, supported by a highly motivated and well trained team to meet the needs of our customers.